Eminem releases new song titled “UNTOUCHABLE” listen to it now!

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Eminem releases new song titled “UNTOUCHABLE” listen to it now!

The legendary Detroit MC samples iconic duo Cheech and Chongs single “Earache My Eye” for this rock meets rap single. Untouchable covers topics such as racism and police brutality claiming that whtie cops get off easy when being accused of commiting crimes agaisnt black African American citizens in the U.S.

After a much anticipated return from the rap giant Eminem fans and critics havn’t recieved the new material Shady is putting out with much enthusiasm. The record is recieving much bad reviews and well… we can’t front It’s not really a good record. Eminem is a legend and our respect for this artist is tremendous so with that being said Em you can do better my G. After this record drops I say get back in the lab and make that Shady records Slim Shady style record we all love and respect.

We can respect the topic of choice but the song is not really something we can listen to all the way through. Eminem still has much to do in Hip-Hop and one bad album Isn’t going to ruin his legacy but it is going to make the fans a little disapointed. In looking at the track list and features on this record I feel It’s safe to say that the whole album might be on this similar path, but who knows we’re just going to have to wait and listen once the album drops.

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